Beat the summer heat!

Although Summer doesn't officially begin until June 21st, the SUNSET FILM SOCIETY gets an early start and
celebrates all month long. Plan now on attending some of the most popular and classic films set during this season, and relax in the comfort of the International Museum Of Art auditorium. Come early for original television appearances of many of the '60s singers on our BIG screen!


The month of July calls for a double celebration. The SUNSET FILM SOCIETY marks its 4th Anniversary at the International Museum Of Art, and your host commemorates his birthday. On this occasion, we present four of "JAY'S FAVES"  -  films which were instrumental in beginning a life-long love affair with the movies. Represented this month are Jay Duncan's favorite Science Fiction, Musical and Western motion pictures. 

Also, on July 20th the 50th Anniversary of Man's first landing on the moon took place, so a fanciful and imaginative rendition of an H.G. Wells literary classic will be presented. Prior to the showing, original news footage of the history-making event will be presented.  

Scroll down for a sneak peek at July’s features!

Movies: Every Saturday at The International Museum of Art

Free Admission & Free Parking!
Freshly Popped Theater Popcorn, Beverages, Candy & Snacks Available for Purchase

NOTE: For your convenience, the door on Brown Street will be open at 1:30pm to enter directly downstairs into the auditorium.