October 28 : The Art of the Arts Society presents: The Art of the Paintbrush

Join us Sunday, October 28 at 2 p.m. and enter the world of two unique artists, Lyuba and Aleksander Titovets. Influenced by the past and inspired by the future, Their work has allowed them to share their lives and views on art.  

Both Aleksander and Lyubov received training from their native home of St. Petersburg, Russia. Now working from the sunny "Edge of Texas" their art is united by harmony, enthusiasm and humanity, which springs from strong fundamental training and experiences,


Discover El Paso Association honors Jay Duncan and Mary Jo Melby

MARY JO MELBY and JAY DUNCAN were honored separately on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 by the Discover El Paso Association at an awards luncheon at the El Paso Country Club. The plaques read as listed below.

Present Category



For Your Outstanding Efforts

As A Volunteer In Educating the Public

On The History, Culture and Heritage of El Paso


Commercial / Professional Category



For Your Work To Educate The Public

On The History, Culture and Heritage of El Paso



With the coming chill of the Season, the SUNSET FILM SOCIETY has assembled 3 selections guaranteed to provide psychological mind games. If your cup of hemlock is gore and slice-and dice, be warned...this isn't it! 

These movies will take you into the inner sanctum of the MIND, where Reality and Fantasy morph, and "reality" might just surprise you. 

Visit our “screenings” page for dates and times.

August 25: The Art of the Arts Society presents ROSA RAMIREZ GUERRERO

12:30 p.m.

This is the 4th monthly presentation in a continuing series. 

ROSA RAMIREZ GUERRERO is a Mexican American educator, artist and historian from El Paso, Texas. She founded the International Folklorico Dance Group and has also been active with work in the Catholic Church. Rosa has been called the "Dancing Missionary" in religious circles, and is also known for her multicultural dance programs which have been performed around the country and featured in a film called Tapestry. She was inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame and has an El Paso school named after her. The unmistakable charm that Rosa possesses helps to inspire and encourage people of all ages that nothing is impossible. She maintains that the world must unite as a tapestry of cultures, each lending itself to better the other. Rosa says she is "not retired, but I'm recycled." Stay after the presentation at the International Museum Of Art for the FREE 2pm movie presented by the SUNSET FILM SOCIETY: THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER

JULY 21: The Art of the Arts Society presents James Robert Murphy

JAMES ROBERT MURPHY will present a special program at 12:45 p.m. in the parlor at the International Museum of Art at 1211 Montana Avenue (543-6747). This is the third in a series at the Museum by the "Art of the Arts Society”. His topic will be:  "The Art of Writing - As I See It."  Murphy will discuss his writing technique and how the mix of factual occurrences opens the door to embellished imagination; using truth to create descriptive fiction. Murphy will read brief passages from three books, My Life Before I Decided to Commit Suicide: A Love Story, The Right to Kill, and his latest book, The South Franklin Trinity.

 Afterwards, plan on staying for a reception and raising a glass of champagne in a toast to the continuing success of the ARTS. Then, the SUNSET FILM SOCIETY invites our guests to go downstairs to see THE INCREDIBLES, the free weekly movie following at 2pm. As always, popcorn, drinks and snacks will be available for purchase for the movie.

JAMES ROBERT MURPHY  -  Author, Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur

James Murphy earned a B.S. from the State University of New York with a concentration in Arts Management, and an M.A. from the University of Oklahoma in Administrative Leadership. He is the principle founding member of the New York State Blues Festival, serving as festival director from 1992-2003, and 2014-2015, and co-founded the Syracuse Guinness Irish Festival, serving as its festival director from 1999-2003. Both of these community events continue to be popular in Syracuse, NY. 

He and his family moved to El Paso, TX in 2004 where he first worked as managing director for El Paso Opera. He had been serving the City of El Paso as the director of development for the El Paso Museum of History since 2006 until his recent retirement.

"Austin" Jim Murphy has been a songwriter and performer since the early 1970s.

The Illusion Of Life - Fifty Years of Memorable Animation

School's out! Summer's here! What better way for the entire family to celebrate Saturdays in

July than in the cool auditorium of the International Museum Of Art watching some of the finest examples of Disney and Pixar animation ever produced? Beginning with one of the most memorable Disney cell-animated features of the '50s, followed by 3 Pixar computer generated

masterpieces, children of all ages are sure to temporarily escape the troubles of the real world and enjoy adventures in the reel world. The SUNSET FILM SOCIETY celebrates its 3rd Anniversary of weekly showings at the Museum, so come celebrate with a reception following the July 7th presentation.  

The Art of the Arts Society

The Art of the Arts Society is an informal organization created for the purpose of attracting members of the International Museum of Art, by bringing together people who are enthusiastic about the Arts; to share their interests, knowledge and talents. The goal of the Society is to organize and present six programs a year that will be of interest to enthusiasts of the Arts in El Paso, Juarez, Las Cruces and surrounding areas.

Plan on attending our first presentation on Saturday, May 26th at 12 noon, as we will feature Greg Taylor, founder of the U.T. El Paso Dinner Theatre. He will discuss the history, talk about the good and bad experiences he has had, the ins and outs of producing and the complexities of coordinating all aspects of each production -- including  auditions, rehearsals, props and sets, costuming, music and catering the dinner.

This presentation will not only celebrate the opening event of the Art of the Arts Society, but also commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Dinner Theatre!

Afterwards, plan on staying for a reception and raising a glass of champagne in a toast to the continuing success of the U.T. El Paso Dinner Theatre. The SUNSET FILM SOCIETY's free weekly movie follows at 2pm with MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Memberships and donations welcome. Information 543-6747 (museum).

Coming in June:  PRENTICE LOFTIN, Director of the El Paso Conservatory of Music.